Beth & Larry’s Travel Journal


We wanted to share our photos and daily travel experiences with you, so we created this website for family and friends to cyber-journey with us to Israel and Egypt in November 2010.    

Beth kept a daily journal during our trip which has been transcribed to the pages listed in chronological order at the top of the page.  Supplemental information from travel books and other sources has been added.  We have also included a few of our photos intermingled with the journal entries.

If you prefer to view a larger collection of our trip photos without the journal, click the Gallery

  website below.  This will allow you to view many more photos as a slideshow in full-screen mode.

Note:  It may take 1 or 2 minutes for the photos to load.  After loading has completed,

click on either Egypt or Israel viewer.  If you choose “Slideshow”, photo title descriptions

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